Venere di Cheronea

By Luca Di Silverio 2 years ago
We have received some requests in the last few days to clarify the situation inherent in “LA VENERE DI CHERONEA”, the artistic work was carried out by keeping to us strictly to what was reported in the Sugar database, formerly C.A.M.
It appears that Maestro Giovanni Fusco wrote the music score, orchestrated and conducted by Carlo Savina as it is attested in the original contracts and in the worksheets of the soundtrack recorded in 1957.
What happened at the film production / distribution level we can not know.
One can make all the hypotheses of the world, but any plausible explanation is lost in the past, well sixty-one years ago.
Although the name of Michel Michelet appears in the opening credits, the database reports everything to Maestro Giovanni Fusco.
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