Un dollaro di fifa


EAN13: 8032539494847

Release date: 06 November 2019

Gianni Ferrio

We are pleased to release the complete edition CD of the OST by Gianni Ferrio for the Spaghetti Western “A Dollar of Fear” (original title: “Un Dollaro di Fifa”).


The Italian-style Western, or Spaghetti Western, officially originated with the famous “Dollar” trilogy by Sergio Leone, even though it was "Gunfight at Red Sands" (aka “Gringo”) by Mario Caian which inaugurated the genre in Italy in 1963. With "A Dollar of Fear" the series started in 1960, although this film was just a comical parody of the worldwide success of "Rio Bravo," directed by Howard Hawks in 1959. Our producers used the title " Un Dollaro di Fifa" (“A Dollar of Fear”) which plays on the Italian title “Un Dollaro d’Onore” ("Rio Bravo" in the US). Gianni Ferrio composed a brilliant orchestral soundtrack with epic, action and romantic passages alternating with a pleasant saloon song with a female voice and songs with mixed choirs. For our CD we were able to use the mono master tapes of the original recording session. This CD is definitely a rarity for fans of Spaghetti Westerns.


Directed in 1960 by Giorgio Simonelli. Starring Ugo Tognazzi, Walter Chiari, Hélène Chanel, Eleonora Ruffo, Dominique Boschero, Mario Carotenuto, Aroldo Tieri, Renato Mambor, Nando Angelini, Arturo Dominici, Ignazio Balsamo, Giorgio Cerioni, Nino Musco, Bruno Pagliari, Gina Mascetti, Manlio Salvatore, Giovanni Vari, Giorgio Zuccaro.


Alamo and Mike travel the wild west doing a bit of everything to make ends meet. They pretend to be street vendors, actors, illusionists and magicians. During a show they put on for a tribe of Indians, the two make the Chief's wife disappear, but fail to make her reappear. So they are forced to flee to get away from her angry husband. They decide to move to Paradise-City where the city is awaiting the arrival of the two best sheriffs in the area, who were called to restore order after bandits had killed the city’s sheriff (Alice and Sara’s father).  So when Alamo and Mike arrive they are given a warm welcome by the townspeople, who think they are the new sheriffs. The two would like to clarify the misunderstanding and reveal their identity, but they don’t dare because a ferocious bandit is looking all over the West for them after they had tricked him into buying some hair ointment. After a series of adventures, Alamo and Mike are arrested and sentenced to be hanged; but while they are hanging from the gallows they manage to use a ploy to get out and save themselves. After a victorious struggle, they continue their drifter life in the company of Alice and Sara.

Un dollaro di fifa

01. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (overture) 0:55
02. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (canzone saloon) 2:25
03. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (tramonto sulla valle) 2:04
04. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (danza in paese) 2:03
05. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (la festa) 1:35
06. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (la festa continua) 1:57
07. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (canzone western) 2:17
08. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (amore e tensione) 2:49
09. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (risveglio) 0:37
10. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (piano saloon) 5:14
11. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (nella prateria) 1:56
12. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (scazzottata) 2:08
13. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (attesa) 2:38
14. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (buffe avventure) 1:32
15. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (marcetta) 1:00
16. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (storie del west) 2:29
17. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (pericolo) 2:19
18. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (due strani cow-boys) 1:44
19. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (notturno) 1:23
20. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (ombre nella notte) 1:49
21. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (vita di una città) 2:43
22. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (pallottole e cazzotti) 7:00
23. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (cavalcata) 2:03
24. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (sfida) 1:53
25. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (nella valle) 3:10
26. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (sfida parte II) 1:40
27. UN DOLLARO DI FIFA (finale) 3:57

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