Il sesso della strega


EAN13: 8032539494212

Release date: 26 June 2017

Daniele Patucchi

We are releasing for the absolute first time on CD, the complete full-length CD of the OST by Daniele Patucchi for the film “Sex of the Witch” (original title: “Il sesso della strega” aka “Les Anges Pervers”).


The late Daniele Patucchi composed a score that reminds us of the macabre side of the story with its series of dark psychedelic moods which border between sacred and profane. The recurring love theme with pop sounds and Nora Orlandi’s voice break up this gloomy dimension which the characters move through as puppets moved by wires manipulated by an evil presence. 

Originally an EP single was prepared with the love theme (Tr.14 here), but was then deleted. The short version (Opening credits, here Tr.1) was later included in an LP soundtrack addition by C.A.M. dedicated to Maestro Patucchi and entitled “Brani ritmici a sottofondo”  ("Rhythmic Background Songs") (CML 029). For our CD lasting 54:05 minutes we used the stereo master tapes from the recording session. This is another disk which can be added to the discography of a great talent who passed away too soon.


Directed in 1973 by Elo Pannacciò. Starring Susanna Levi, Katia Damon, Gianni Dei, Sergio Ferrero, Jessica Dullin, Lorenza Guerrieri, Camille Keaton, Assunta Liemezza, Frank Love, Augusto Nobile, Donald O'Brien, Maurizio Tanfani.


Sir Thomas Hilton has gathered all his descendants around his deathbed to recount his life.  He says he wants to take the Hilton’s terrible secret with him: the power to transform human cells. After his death and burial, the lawyer proceeds to read his will: the property must remain intact and divided equally among everyone, except for Evelyn, Sir Thomas’s sister who deserves to be disinherited because of her hatred for her relatives. The heirs are left in mutual agreement at the castle and enjoy the inheritance and indulge in a life of pleasure without inhibitions. But Evelyn knows the secret that Thomas believed he had taken with him to the grave.

Il sesso della strega

01. IL SESSO DELLA STREGA (Titoli) 2:29
02. IL SESSO DELLA STREGA (Magia nera) 3:22
03. IL SESSO DELLA STREGA (Sexy Pop) 2:14
04. IL SESSO DELLA STREGA (Caccia violenta) 7:12
05. IL SESSO DELLA STREGA (Tema dʼamore) 3:06
06. IL SESSO DELLA STREGA (Ipnosi) 2:22
07. IL SESSO DELLA STREGA (Tema dʼamore) 3:49
08. IL SESSO DELLA STREGA (Esorcismo) 3:44
09. IL SESSO DELLA STREGA (Tema dʼamore – versione estera) 6:37
10. IL SESSO DELLA STREGA (Uomo nero) 5:02
11. IL SESSO DELLA STREGA (Tema dʼamore – variazione) 2:16
12. IL SESSO DELLA STREGA (Tema dʼamore) 2:34
13. IL SESSO DELLA STREGA (rito diabolico) 5:15
14. IL SESSO DELLA STREGA (Tema dʼamore – versione disco) 3:35

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