La ragazza di bube


EAN13: 8032539494199

Release date: 31 March 2017

Carlo Rustichelli

We are pleased to release the complete edition double CD of the OST by Carlo Rustichelli for the drama “Bebo’s Girl” (aka “La Ragazza di Bube”). The film won a silver ribbon (Nastro D’Argento) for Claudia Cardinale’s performance as best actress and a David di Donatello award in 1964 for Franco Cristaldi as best producer. 


Carlo Rustichelli (December 24, 1916, Carpi- November 13, 2004, Rome) is one of the most important figures in international film music. Author of hundreds of soundtracks for cinema and television, he composed music for famous films by Pietro Germi, creating one of the best artistic partnerships in the history of entertainment. His other notable partnerships include directors like Comencini, Pasolini, Risi and Monicelli (for Monicelli he wrote the scores for both the Brancaleone films, creating one of the most iconic and internationally recognized themes). C.A.M. originally released an album with eighteen tracks in mono for a total of 33:55 minutes (Cms. 30-087), and the same material was re-released in stereo sound in America by Capitol Records (ST 2316). In 1991 C.A.M. reissued this OST in stereo for the first time on CD (CAM CSE 083), to celebrate its Soundtracks Encyclopedia. Two tracks in mono were added at the end and are attributed to Valentino Bucchi, perhaps taken from his score which was not used in the final version of the film. This same material (the eighteen pieces by Rustichelli in stereo and the two tracks by Bucchi in mono) was re-released in the Japanese market in 2007 by King Records (KICP-3211). For contractual and editorial reasons, our CD does not contain the two tracks by Bucchi, but the complete score by Charles Rustichelli with a total time of 92:06 minutes. This edition contains: CD 1 (33:55 minutes) the album in stereo taken from a first generation master and CD 2 (58:11 minutes) the full score taken from the mono master tapes from the recording session. Maestro Rustichelli’s sound is recognizable from the first notes on one of the best OSTs by this composer, with a very moving trumpet introduction and a recurring use of jazz and blues which highlight the bitter experience of the protagonist. Love and grief alternate in a continuous balance of sound, making this an OST that is perfect on and off the screen. An hour and a half in the company of Charles Rustichelli listening to this double CD set is a fitting tribute to his fabulous work.


Directed in 1963 by Luigi Comencini. Starring Claudia Cardinale, George Chakiris, Marc Michel, Dany Paris, Monique Vita, Carla Calò, Emilio Esposito, Mario Lupi, Pier Luigi Catocci, Ugo Chiti, Bruno Scipioni, Giampiero Becherelli.


In post-war Tuscany, Mara, a young peasant girl, meets Bebo, a young partisan trying to find his place in a society which is being rebuilt. Even though the meetings between the two are fleeting, the girl now feels connected to Bebo. The boy becomes involved in a political assassination and is forced to flee and give up his intentions to get married, for the time being. The girl follows him even when, sought after by police, the young man has to hide while waiting for his fellow party members to organize his escape abroad. Mara returns to her country house and waits impatiently for news from Bebo. The long silence and the need to find work push Mara to accept employment in the city.  There she meets Stephen, a serious and honest young man who falls in love with her and asks her to marry him. Mara is about to accept when the news that Bebo was arrested and is awaiting trial suddenly arrives. Mara realizes then that she had never stopped loving him. She finds him desperate and alone, abandoned by his fellow party members and in the throes of a deep moral crisis. Mara understands that her place is beside him, to comfort him and faithfully wait for him until the end of the long sentence.

La ragazza di bube

DISC 1 - the original album (stereo)
01. BUBE (Titoli di testa) 1:42
02. STEFANO 1:21
05. BUBE, ADDIO! 2:27
06. ...UN RIMPIANTO! 1:42
09. PASSI 1:26
10. VIENE LA SERA 1:24
12. MARA....T'AMO 1:34
13. NASCOSTI! 2:02
16. RISVEGLIO 1:06
17. ANSIE 3:21

DISC 2 - the complete film score (mono)
01. LA RAGAZZA DI BUBE (seq.1 - Titoli di testa) 1:42
02. LA RAGAZZA DI BUBE (seq.2) 4:00
03. LA RAGAZZA DI BUBE (seq.3) 0:58
04. LA RAGAZZA DI BUBE (seq.4) 12:06
05. LA RAGAZZA DI BUBE (seq.5) 2:43
06. LA RAGAZZA DI BUBE (seq.6) 2:02
07. LA RAGAZZA DI BUBE (seq.7) 1:23
08. LA RAGAZZA DI BUBE (seq.8) 5:50
09. LA RAGAZZA DI BUBE (seq.9) 1:59
10. LA RAGAZZA DI BUBE (seq.10) 3:40
11. LA RAGAZZA DI BUBE (seq.11) 2:24
12. LA RAGAZZA DI BUBE (seq.12) 0:50
13. LA RAGAZZA DI BUBE (seq.13) 0:50
14. LA RAGAZZA DI BUBE (seq.14) 1:28
15. LA RAGAZZA DI BUBE (seq.15) 0:47
16. LA RAGAZZA DI BUBE (seq.16) 1:27
17. LA RAGAZZA DI BUBE (seq.17) 4:18
18. LA RAGAZZA DI BUBE (seq.18) 1:31
19. LA RAGAZZA DI BUBE (seq.19) 1:55
20. LA RAGAZZA DI BUBE (seq.20) 1:41
21. LA RAGAZZA DI BUBE (seq.21) 2:29
22. LA RAGAZZA DI BUBE (seq.22 - Finale) 1:13

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