Bersaglio altezza uomo


EAN13: 8032539493963

Release date: 31 August 2016

Selvio Cipriani


Stelvio Cipriani  has composed of hundreds of soundtracks for cinema and crime dramas (Poliziesco). For this Italian - Turkish co-production, Cipriani wrote an effective OST that we were able to fully assemble (total time 45:40 minutes) thanks to the stereo master tapes from the original recording session (except for a repertory dance piece that is heard a couple of times in the film). The author composed a main score with sounds typical of crime dramas, with a steady funk on guitar and synthesizer accompanied by drums. This recurring motif is alternated with a sweet and nostalgic love theme, pieces with an Arab ambience, and pieces for the suspense and action scenes.


Directed in 1979 by Guido Zurli. Starring Luc Merenda, Gabriella Giorgelli, Kadir Inanir, Paola Senatore, Joe Pidgeon, Pamela Villoresi, Tancu Kennedy.


Inspector Keaton from Interpol goes on a mission to Istanbul and manages to disrupt the affairs of an unsuspecting drug lord and his accomplices. To get rid of him, they force the clay-pigeon shooting champion Genghis to shoot Keaton. Genghis, who is working with Keaton, pretends to do what the gangsters want from him. Eventually the two of them are able to defeat the gang.

Bersaglio altezza uomo

02. BERSAGLIO ALTEZZA UOMO (attimi d'amore) 2:08
03. BERSAGLIO ALTEZZA UOMO (atmosfera araba) 2:58
04. BERSAGLIO ALTEZZA UOMO (caccia mortale) 3:12
05. BERSAGLIO ALTEZZA UOMO (bersaglio umano) 1:57
06. BERSAGLIO ALTEZZA UOMO (piano suspence) 1:06
07. BERSAGLIO ALTEZZA UOMO (violenza urbana) 4:56
08. BERSAGLIO ALTEZZA UOMO (tema d'amore) 1:12
09. BERSAGLIO ALTEZZA UOMO (pedinamento) 2:28
10. BERSAGLIO ALTEZZA UOMO (attesa e ricerca) 3:24
11. BERSAGLIO ALTEZZA UOMO (giungla nella città) 4:22
12. BERSAGLIO ALTEZZA UOMO (atmosfera araba II) 3:19
13. BERSAGLIO ALTEZZA UOMO (attimi d'amore II) 3:08

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