La Banda del Gobbo


EAN13: 8032628993039

Release date: 15 June 2020

Franco Micalizzi

Digitmovies is re-releasing on CD the OST by Franco Micalizzi for the film “Brothers Till We Die” (original title “La banda del gobbo”).


Franco Micalizzi composed and conducted one of his most iconic OSTs for the crime drama genre with this soundtrack. Within the soundtrack emerges a recurring main theme, using a Moog synthesizer, that is then developed by an energetic woodwind section. It is then reprised in slow and fast versions. There is plenty of instrumental dance music and a romantic ballad with vocals. The leitmotif is alternated with suspenseful phrases written for strings.


Directed in 1977 by Umberto Lenzi. Starring: Tomas Milian, Pino Colizzi, Isa Danieli, Sal Borgese, Luciano Catenacci, Francesco D'Adda, Sandra Cardini, Guido Leontini, Mario Piave, Jimmy il Fenomeno, Solvy Stubing.


After "Almost Human," Umberto Lenzi returns to crime drama with "Brothers Till We Die," once again starring the Cuban actor Tomas Millian. Here the actor plays both the roles of the twin brothers: one brother is the ferocious "hunchback" and the other is a likeable swindler called "monnezza" who lives in the suburbs of Rome. The first is a ruthless criminal, the second a soft-hearted thief. During a robbery, the hunchback’s partners betray him and he is forced to hide out at his friend’s house. He then begins implementing his plan to take revenge. When the police are not able to find the hunchback’s hiding place, they turn to his twin brother. During a dangerous car chase, the hunchback's car swerves and ends up in the Tiber River ... but the corpse is never found.

La Banda del Gobbo


01. LA BANDA DEL GOBBO (Seq.1 - Titoli) 2:03
02. LA BANDA DEL GOBBO (Seq.2) 1:07
03. LA BANDA DEL GOBBO (Seq.3) 0:32
04. LA BANDA DEL GOBBO (Seq.4) 1:57
05. LA BANDA DEL GOBBO (Seq.5) 1:56
06. LA BANDA DEL GOBBO (Seq.6) 3:44
07. LA BANDA DEL GOBBO (Seq.7) 1:18
08. LA BANDA DEL GOBBO (Seq.8) 2:16
09. LA BANDA DEL GOBBO (Seq.9) 1:23
10. LA BANDA DEL GOBBO (Seq.10) 2:20
11. LA BANDA DEL GOBBO (Seq.11) 2:21
12. LA BANDA DEL GOBBO (Seq.12) 3:25
13. LA BANDA DEL GOBBO (Seq.13) 1:58
14. LA BANDA DEL GOBBO (Seq.14) 1:30
15. LA BANDA DEL GOBBO (Seq.15) 3:00
16. LA BANDA DEL GOBBO (Seq.16) 0:45
17. LA BANDA DEL GOBBO (Seq.17) 0:42
18. LA BANDA DEL GOBBO (Seq.18 - Finale) 2:03

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