Don Camillo


EAN13: 8032628992957

Release date: 10 December 2018

Pino Donaggio

In a small village in Emilia, pastor Don Camillo (Terence Hill) and Communist Mayor Peppone (Colin Blakely) are from opposing political factions and are invaluable friend/enemies. They clash at every opportunity, which often ends up in a fight - as in the case of the football game played by teams which they had trained. Obviously the mayor is not happy with Don Camillo's behavior and threatens to transfer him to a remote mountain village.

This is a remake of the movie Don Camillo (1952) by Julien Duvivier. It was Terence Hill’s first time behind the camera and he wanted to make the action between Don Camillo and Peppone take on a more modern feel, which better suited his style. The story is set in recent times, with a more sporty priest (he skates in the church), and embellished with classic fist-fights (as in the football game scene). There are also some small cameos by famous Italian ex- footballers, including Roberto Boninsegna, Roberto Pruzzo, Luciano Spinosi and Carlo Ancelotti. Ancelotti was a soccer player for A.S. Roma and former coach of teams such as Juventus, Milan, Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid. He is now the current coach of Bayern Munich.


Terence Hill (Don Camillo), Colin Blakely (Giuseppe Botazzi aka Peppone), Mimsy Farmer (Jo Magro), Cyril Cusack (Bischof), Lew Ayres (Doc), Andy Luotto (Smilzo), Sam Whipple (Gigio), Ross Hill (Magrino), Joseph Ragno (Brusco), Jennifer HingelLilly, Lorenza Residori, Silvia Umbrinozzi, Franco Diogene (Binella), Siria Betti (Nicolina), Jess Hill (Angel Soccer Player), Roberto Boninsegna (Angel Soccer Player), Roberto Pruzzo (Devil Soccer Player), Carlo Ancelotti (Devil Soccer Player), Luciano Spinosi (Devil Soccer Player).er

Screenplay: Lori Hill, Production Design: Mario Garbuglia, Cinematography: Franco Di Giacomo, Executive Producer: Lucio Bompani, Directed by Terence Hill.

Music by Pino Donaggio, Conductor: Natale Massara, Producer: Roberto Danè

In this new edition we’ve tried to honor the original editing of the album released in 1984 by Senso Unico (SMG 72703).

Don Camillo

01. Verso Pomponesco 2:05
02. Ring the bells 2:55
03. Tema di Peppone 3:12
04. I diavoli e gli angeli 1:18
05. Giù dal cielo 2:15
06. La confessione di Peppone 1:40
07. Lode al vescovo 2:20
08. Inno a Don Camillo 1:00
09. Inno dei tifosi 0:16
10. Inno dei tifosi delusi 0:27
11. La mattina, a caccia 1:22
12. Sfida a carte 2:45
13. Rinasce l'amicizia 0:58
14. Why (Versione Cantata) 2:05
15. I’m a fool 2:55
16. Peppone fa 13 al Totocalcio 3:05
17. Don Camillo parla con il Signore 2:55
18. Nella chiesa 1:46
19. Nella casa di Magrino 2:20
20. Why (Strumentale) 3:15

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