EAN13: 8032628992797

Release date: 28 October 2016

Riz Ortolani


Riz Ortolani (March 25th, 1926, Pesaro - January 23rd, 2014, Rome) was author of hundreds of soundtracks for cinema and television and composed an evocative musical score for this film. Four selections were published by Cinevox on the album "The soundtracks of Riz Ortolani for the film “The Inquiry” by Damiano Damiani " (CIA - 5063). After finding the stereo master tapes from the original recording session, it was possible to assemble a CD of 48:18 minutes. Maestro Ortolani with his great talent was able to represent both the sacred and the profane of the story, with romantic and nostalgic pieces, mystical Jewish moods of great emotional intensity and dramatic battle songs. This is an OST that absolutely deserved to be rescued and preserved for the record archive, dedicated to one of the biggest names in film music. This OST won the Silver Ribbon in 1987.


Directed in 1986 by Damiano Damiani. Starring Keith Carradine, Harvey Keitel, Phyllis Logan, Lina Sastri, Angelo Infanti, John Forgeham, Georgia Slowe, Erik Schumann, Luciano Bartoli, Silvan , Philip Locke, Francesco Carnelutti, Franco Fantasia.


Emperor Tiberius sends investigator Titus Valerius Taurus to the Holy Land in order to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the body of a young carpenter named Jesus, whose disciples claim has risen. Taurus is hampered by the governor Pontius Pilate who has sentenced Jesus to death. Pontius Pilate's wife Claudia Procula wants to help Taurus because she is fascinated by Jesus’s teachings and leads the investigator to the tomb where the missing body had been replaced.  Taurus interrogates Pilate who attempts to put an end the investigation by simulating how the body was found. However, Taurus realizes he is being deceived and that the body is not that of Jesus. After various incidents Taurus flees but is full of doubts and fears and is eventually sentenced by Pilate to die alone in the desert.


01. L'INCHIESTA (Titoli) 2:49
02. L’INCHIESTA (Tauro e Claudia) 2:54
03. L’INCHIESTA (La ricerca) 3:38
04. L’INCHIESTA (Morte di Tito Valerio Claudio - finale) 1:51
Bonus tracks
05. L’INCHIESTA (Titoli - versione film) 2:03
06. L’INCHIESTA (atmosfera minacciosa) 0:55
08. L’INCHIESTA (danza) 3:13
09. L’INCHIESTA (tempio) 1:02
10. L’INCHIESTA (momento mistico) 1:01
12. L’INCHIESTA (distese desertiche) 1:26
13. L’INCHIESTA (atmosfera etnica) 3:28
14. L’INCHIESTA (il mistero) 2:01
15. L’INCHIESTA (Tauro e Claudia - versione breve) 1:30
16. L’INCHIESTA (ricerca della verità) 1:34
17. L’INCHIESTA (il dubbio) 1:17
18. L’INCHIESTA (luce oltre il buio) 1:10
19. L’INCHIESTA (La ricerca - versione film) 4:14
20. L’INCHIESTA (angosce) 2:05
21. L’INCHIESTA (vicino alla verità) 1:45
22. L’INCHIESTA (Morte di Tito Valerio Claudio – finale versione film) 2:13

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