Orzowei Il figlio della savana - Il Marsigliese


EAN13: 8032628991486

Release date: 13 December 2009

Guido & Maurizio De Angelis

Digitmovies releases for the very first time on CD the complete editions in full stereo of the OSTs for the two Italian cult TV series "Orzowei" and "Il marsigliese" which were composed by the prolific brothers Guido & Maurizio De Angelis. Based on the novel "Orzowei" written by Alberto Manzi and issued in 1955, the story was adapted into 13 episodes of an international TV hit series which was produced in 1976 by Italian and German companies. It was directed by the French filmmaker Yves Allégret and starred Peter Marshall as Isa/Orzowei, the British star Stanley Baker, Doris Kunstmann, Vincenzo Crocitti, Bonne Lubega. This TV program was broadcasted in Italy in early 1977 and presented again with a version especially re-edited for cinema theaters called "Orzowei - il figlio della savana" ("Orzowei- The Son of the Savannah"). Isa, a white child abandoned in the forest of South Africa, is found and raised like a son by an old great warrior and by an old woman, both of them belonging to the Swazi people, an ethnic grouping of the Bantu tribe. Due to his white skin he is jokingly called Orzowei, "the found". After his escape from the Swazi village, he takes refuge to a forest where he is adopted as a son by Pao, the sage man of a Bosciman tribe. At the end Orzowei will really have to fight against the Swazi, the people who had brought him up as a child, and to defeat Mesei, his arch enemy. "Il marsigliese" ("The Marseille man") is another cult TV series broadcasted by Italian Television in three episodes from 28th September to 12th October 1975, directed by Giacomo Battiato and starring Marc Porel, Lina Polito, Vittorio Mezzogiorno, Corrado Gaipa, Renato Mori, Isa Danieli, Giovanni Polito, Biagio Pelligra, with screenplay by Luciano Codignola and also Battiato. A breathtaking thriller where Porel plays a young man from Marseille who, as soon as he has arrived in Neaples, causes a feud among local camorra men and Sicilian mobsters, with a big climax placed in Genoa. In those days only two singles were issued: "Orzowei" (RCA BB 6054), a very big International record hit and "Il marsigliese" (RCA TBBO 1160). This CD has been possible thanks to the stereo mastertapes which have been well preserved in the RCA archives. Concerning "Orzowei", besides the 45 rpm single versions "Orzowei" and "Le notti di Orzowei" we have also added alternate takes of the famous theme song like a different mix, the instrumental version, an evocative version with an echoed solo flute, the very cool Karaoke version, an alternate take of "Le notti di Orzowei" without flute (all the original material discovered on the master tapes, if we consider that possibly in the TV series library music was re-used). The OST of "Il marsigliese" is based on "Napoli oggi", a recurring tarantella main theme with variations, alternated with Giallo/Noir music with fascinating lounge shades and with "Il marsigliese", a moving theme with popular flavour (the "Love Theme"), one of the most beautiful compositions of the two mythic brothers. Two OSTs of the '70s Italian TV CULT which we absolutely wanted to rescue and preserve on this CD with a long duration (72:58) to honour the musical art of Guido & Maurizio De Angelis.

Orzowei Il figlio della savana - Il Marsigliese


1. ORZOWEI 3:33
3. ORZOWEI (strum.) 3:37
4. ORZOWEI (delirio) 3:14
5. ORZOWI (Flauto solo) 2:41
6. ORZOWEI (mix 2) 3:43
7. NOTTE DI ORZOWEI (versione 2) 3:07
8. ORZOWEI (karaoke) 4:13


11. NAPOLI OGGI (versione 2) 3:52
12. NAPOLI OGGI (versione 3) 4:03
13. NAPOLI OGGI (versione 4) 6:03
14. NAPOLI OGGI (versione 5) 1:51
15. NAPOLI OGGI (versione 6) 7:06
16. NAPOLI OGGI (versione 7) 3:01
17. NAPOLI OGGI (versione 8) 6:47
18. IL MARSIGLIESE (versione 2) 2:50
19. NAPOLI OGGI (versione 9 - damaged) 3:03

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