La poliziotta


EAN13: 8032628990984

Release date: 13 December 2007

Gianni Ferrio

Digitmovies releases for the first absolute time on CD the original motion picture soundtrack from the 1974 movie “La poliziotta” directed by Steno and starring Mariangela Melato, Renato Pozzetto, Orazio Orlando, Mario Carotenuto and Alberto Lionello. This funny comedy with “Police movie” tones including criminals and dark villains, features the prestigious musical signature of Gianni Ferrio, one of the great names of the Italian Film Music. Those days Rca released a commercial single (TBBO 1076) with two tracks “Almost love” and “Step by step”, but a 33 rpm album (SP 8052) saw the light of day only in the SP promotional series. For our CD release we could use the stereophonic master tapes of the complete original recording session preserved in the Rca vaults that gave us the chance to include other eight inedit tracks to those twelve originally released ones. M° Ferrio has written an elegant soundtrack based on the recurrent love theme “Almost love” introduced in Titoli di testa (Tr.1), a lovely Beat motif for brass, rhythmic and orchestra. This main theme is reprised with different arrangements: in a melodic and slow version for piano and strings, with a more driving and pop finale part featuring the powerful voice of Edda (Tr.3), in a slow version with harmonica with a more country sound (Tr.7) and in a faster version with harmonica, rhythmic and orchestra (Tr.12) and in its inedit reprises (Tr.13, Tr.15, Tr.18, Tr.20). Gianni Ferrio has also provided music in serious and “classic” police movie style, creating jazzy themes and reprising the American sound of movies like the Dirty Harry series starring Clint Eastwood, with the use of Moog synthesizer and brilliant brass accompanied by rhythmic and strings (Tr.2 and the inedit Tr.14, Tr.19). Gianni Ferrio composed a classic flavoured motif, almost a hymn, preformed by symphonic orchestra and by the choir I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni (Tr.4). Other colours in Ferrio’s musical palette include a military flavoured march (Tr.8) and an intense theme with Sicilian flavour (Tr.10). The score also features brilliant Lounge style themes like Samba (Tr.5), “Step by step” (Tr.6) a beat theme also reprised in the inedit alternate mix without voices (Tr.17), Bossa (Tr.9) and a cool rhythm and Blues shake (Tr.11). Our CD also contains a splendid Western theme, a Deguello in Leone-Morricone style that Ferrio composed in an ironical way for the scene where the protagonist must challenge a villain.

La poliziotta

The original album Rca Sp8052
01. ALMOST LOVE 2:07
03. ALMOST LOVE (#2) 1:51
05. IL VEGLIONE 2:10
06. STEP BY STEP 2:48
07. ALMOST LOVE (#3) 2:58
08. IL POTERE 1:06
09. AZUCAR 2:07
11. RHYTHM & SEX 2:01
12. ALMOST LOVE (#4) 3:14
Supplementary material previously unreleased
13. ALMOST LOVE (#5) 1:20
15. ALMOST LOVE (#6) 1:28
16. LA POLIZIOTTA (Deguello) 2:00
17. STEP BY STEP (alternate take) 2:48
18. ALMOST LOVE (#7) 1:29
20. ALMOST LOVE (#8) 1:55

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