EAN13: 8032628990663

Release date: 30 October 2006

Berto Pisano, Stefano Liberati, Elio Maestosi

Digitmovies is proud to present a double CD set containing the original motion picture scores of three horror movies starring great German actor Klaus Kinski (1926 -1991). We wanted to issue 3 original motion picture scores to pay tribute to a great actor who has left an indelible footprint in our Cinema. A very big support to the distressing atmospheres of the film is given by the music of Berto Pisano, the famous movie composer, recently passed away, who with his brother Franco has dominated the scene of the Italian television Entertainment writing numerous scores and signature themes for Tv Saturday evening shows, but also very talented arranger, orchestra conductor and piano player (memorable is his instrumental performance of "Blue shadow", main theme of “Ho incontrato un’ombra", main titles of the largely popular Tv series in the half of the seventies). Among his most noted film scores we remind: “Uno dopo l’altro” (1968), “Sissignore!” (1968), “Interrabang” (1969), “Kill!” (1971). Versatile author and Master of orchestration and arrangement, he has attempted in the Horror genre writing and conducting the score of "La morte ha sorriso all'assassino" (1973), of which we release for the first absolute time the complete score from the stereophonic masters tapes kept in the C.A.M. Archives. We can without a shadow of doubt assert that this rescue has made us to discover a fabulous soundtrack, a kind of hymn to love and dead, one of the best scores for this genre. M° Pisano has composed a romantic, sad and at the same time mysterious main theme, vocalized by Edda Dell’Orso: after an introduction of renaissance flavoured strings and harp the music is developed with a more modern arrangement using the harpsichord (tr.2) and reprised with variations in tr.2, tr.9, tr.12 (as a lullaby with barrel organ and flugehorn), tr.14, tr.19, tr.20, tr.21, tr.22, tr.23 (waltz-like), tr.24, tr.27. Berto Pisano has created the perfect background for the macabre side having written a great variety of dramatic pieces, among others some experimental music like tr.1, tr.4, tr.5, tr.6, tr.7, tr.8., but also some period music represented by a waltz for guitar and large orchestra (tr.10) and a spirituous tarantella-like dance (tr.16). "LA MANO CHE NUTRE LA MORTE" / "LE AMANTI DEL MOSTRO" The music score is written by four hands by Elio Maestosi and Stefano Liberati, authors of soundtracks for films like "Sedicianni" (aka "Sixteen") (1974), "Lo stallone" (aka"The stallion"), "Peccatori di provincia" (1976), "Onore e guapparia" (1977). The Cd 2 of this double disc set contains the complete original scores from "La mano che nutre la morte" and "Le amanti del mostro" that appear on record for the first absolute time, taken from the stereophonic master tapes of the C.A.M. Archives. Both orchestral scores are characterized by an ancient and refined atmosphere: the main theme of "La mano che nutre la morte" (tr.1) is a sad Adagio introduced by strings and harp in order to explode with "Tutti", emphasized from a gentle colour of harpsichord. Mysterious and dramatic themes make the background to the gloomy plot (tr.2, tr.4, tr.5, tr.8, tr.11). The morbid-romantic side is represented by tr.7, tr.9. The score has surrealistic moments like the alarming lullaby for single celesta (tr.6 and tr.10). "Le amanti del mostro" are introduced by a nostalgic love theme and filled with mystery (tr.12). This OST perfectly describes musically the character of the crazy doctor and his world of love and death that surrounds him by a sweet theme in contrast to the monstrous spirit of the protagonist (tr.13, tr.16, tr.18, tr.19, tr.22) and by dramatic motifs like tr.14, tr.15, tr.17, tr.20, tr.21. to put in evidence the dark side of the story.


Disc 1

1. La Morte Ha Sorriso All'Assassino (01:06)
2. Greta (01:11)
3. Greta (Versione 2) (03:46)
4. Dr. Kinski (01:10)
5. Visita A Greta (03:37)
6. La Bara (00:42)
7. Terrificanti Apparizioni (03:08)
8. Esperimenti Del Dr. Kinski Parte 1 (00:57)
9. Greta (Versione 3) (01:15)
10. Festa Per Greta (02:25)
11. Esperimenti Del Dr. Kinski Parte 2 (01:19)
12. Greta (Versione 4) (01:58)
13. Visita a Greta (Versione 2) (05:55)
14. Visita a Greta (Versione 3) (03:46)
15. Greta E Scomparsa (01:31)
16. Una Splendida Festa Di Morte Parte 1 (02:09)
17. Festa Per Greta (Versione 2) (00:47)
18. Dolorosi Ricordi E Morte Al Cimitero (06:26)
19. Visita A Greta (Versione 4) (01:17)
20. Greta (Versione 5) (01:27)
21. Greta (Versione 6) (01:43)
22. Greta (Versione 7) (01:12)
23. Greta (Versione 8) (01:09)
24. Greta (Versione 9) (03:47)
25. Visita A Greta (Versione 5) (01:21)
26. Visita A Greta (Versione 6) (03:31)
27. Greta (Versione 10) (04:10)

Disc 2

1. Slava (03:21)
2. Sotto Il Giogo (01:35)
3. Festa Nell'isba (00:58)
4. La Bambola Di Vetro (01:08)
5. Presagio Di Morte (02:28)
6. La Bambola (01:09)
7. Il Campo Dei Girasoli (01:15)
8. Paura (01:06)
9. Petali Nel Vento (01:20)
10. Pupazzo (01:51)
11. I Passi Della Paura (01:10)
Tracks 01-11 (La Mano Che Nutre La Morte)
12. Elegia Sulla Neve (03:40)
13. Angoscia E Gelosia (01:28)
14. Il Diario (02:10)
15. Scoperta Del Laboratorio (01:23)
16. Il Mostro Che Uccide (00:56)
17. Inseguimento (01:57)
18. Volodia (02:06)
19. Terra Ghiacciata (01:28)
20. Nel Baratro Della Follia (02:49)
21. Ombre Nel Sotterraneo (02:01)
22. Nostalgia Di Primavera (03:22)
Tracks 12-22 (Le Amanti Del Mostro)

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