EAN13: 8032628990601

Release date: 02 July 2006

Carlo Rustichelli

Digitmovies presents its volume two of the series dedicated to the italian Peplum releasing for the first absolute time on record the complete original soundtrack by Carlo Rustichelli for the film "Arrivano i titani" (aka "My son, the hero) directed by Duccio Tessari in 1961 and starring the young and triggered Giuliano Gemma, in one of his first starring roles. If “Le fatiche di Ercole” and “Ercole e la regina di Lidia” represent the pure Italian Peplum lacking in other genres' contaminations, instead "Arrivano i titani" represent very succeeded fusion of Mythology and Comedy. Carlo Rustichelli (Carpi, 1916 - Rome, 2004), author of hundreds scores for the screen, has written a smphonic score conducted by Franco Ferrara that contains at the same time comic and dramatic elements. The mono mastertapes recorded in far 1961 , fortunately are survived until today in the Rca archives and with big pleasure we have realized also that they were in very good conditions after four decades and half.M° Rustichelli has written a funny and unconventional march for the character of Krios (Gemma) introduced in tr.1, but other marches add funny musical colours to the score with a series of exquisite citations of celebrate hymns like tr.4 (the Aida), tr.20 (the American hymn), tr.24 (the Marseillaise). The acrobatic love courtship of the protagonist is accompanied by a funny little waltz (tr.7), but in the large variety of themes in this OST, also a pursuit scene backgrounded with a spanish flamenco appears (tr.12). M° Rustichelli succeeded to pick all sound of the Peplum writing a great variety of themes that reflect the more serious side of the story: mysterious music with participation of organ (tr.2, tr.3, tr.6 tr.25), mystic music (tr.9, tr.10, tr.22), adventurous music (tr.16, tr.17), violent and threatening music (tr.5, tr.14, tr.15, tr.18). Beyond to the war, love is one of the main ingredients in this movie and for the in love hero M° Rustichelli has composed a romantic motiv with modern arrangement (an other genial idea of the author to stirr musically the past to the present) introduced in tr.13 and then reprised in a more melodramatic key in tr.19 and in the "Finale" (tr.26). In the original mastertapes we have discovered a sung version of the love theme (tr.27) with a lounge arrangement, an other that uses the same music arrangement with the vocal humming (tr.28), an other take with different arrangement in humming version (tr.29) and its instrumental one (tr.30). We suppose that these vocal tracks were conceived for 45 rpm single that did not see the light in those days and thus we have inserted them, separate from the orchestral score, at the end of the Cd program as bonus tracks. Despite careful digital restoration and remastering,some anomalies pre-existing on the original sources remain.


01. ARRIVANO I TITANI (march) 2:05
02. ARRIVANO I TITANI (the Olympus) 6:18
03. ARRIVANO I TITANI (mystery) 1:52
04. ARRIVANO I TITANI (march #2) 1:52
05. ARRIVANO I TITANI (legions) 1:48
06. ARRIVANO I TITANI (pastorale) 1:14
07. ARRIVANO I TITANI (acrobatic hero) 1:06
08. ARRIVANO I TITANI (my son,the hero) 3:08
09. ARRIVANO I TITANI (sacred choir) 3:07
10. ARRIVANO I TITANI (the temple) 1:55
11. ARRIVANO I TITANI (acrobatic hero #2) 2:16
12. ARRIVANO I TITANI (chase) 2:26
13. ARRIVANO I TITANI (love moments) 2:31
14. ARRIVANO I TITANI (chase #2) 1:47
15. ARRIVANO I TITANI (ambush) 6:12
16. ARRIVANO I TITANI (love moments #2) 1:53
17. ARRIVANO I TITANI (glory) 1:31
18. ARRIVANO I TITANI (Titans) 1:09
19. ARRIVANO I TITANI (love moments #3) 3:17
20. ARRIVANO I TITANI (march #3) 1:20
21. ARRIVANO I TITANI (acrobatic hero #3) 2:12
22. ARRIVANO I TITANI (adventures) 3:08
23. ARRIVANO I TITANI (more adventures) 2:48
24. ARRIVANO I TITANI (march #4) 1:22
25. ARRIVANO I TITANI (mystery #2) 2:15
26. ARRIVANO I TITANI (love theme and Finale) 1:26
Bonus tracks
27. ARRIVANO I TITANI (song - vocal version) 2:52
28. ARRIVANO I TITANI (song – humming version) 2:56
29. ARRIVANO I TITANI (song - humming version #2) 2:19
30. ARRIVANO I TITANI (song - version #2 instrumental) 2:17

orchestra conducted by Franco Ferrara

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