I sette gladiatori


EAN13: 8032539494182

Release date: 29 May 2017

Marcello Giombini

We are pleased to release for the absolute first time in complete edition on a double CD, the OST by Marcello Giombini for the peplum film “Gladiators 7” (aka “I sette Gladiatori”).


Giombini Marcello (July 8, 1928, Rome - 12 December 2003, Assisi) was a very active composer during the sixties and seventies. His music was well-known for the western trilogy Sabata, but also for composing scores for cult horror films like "Antropophagus". Maestro Giombini was very active in writing beat style religious songs, but was also a prolific author of electronic music. Not a single note was ever released from "Gladiators 7" and now, after 54 years, we are releasing a double CD from the mono master tapes of the recording session which have survived until today in very good condition. The total length of the CDs is 91:46 minutes (with 4:22 minute suite with voices and sounds from the recording sessions). 

Marcello Giombini composed a heroic score to a march which is introduced in the opening credits (Tr.1 / CD1)  and frequently returns throughout the OST. It is alternated with a tender love theme (Tr.5 / CD1). There’s also plenty of music for the duel and battle scenes and an ethnic dance number as well. This CD a tribute to the musical art of Maestro Giombini, a well-rounded musician. For fans of Peplum this will undoubtedly be a collectible.


Directed in 1962 by Pedro Lazaga. Starring Richard Harrison, Livio Lorenzon, Antonio Molino Rojo, Loredana Nusciak, Gérard Tichy, Edoardo Toniolo, Nazzareno Zamperla, Antonio Rubio, Emily Wolkowigz, José Marco, Franca Badeschi, Enrique Ávila, Barta Barry.

Darius is the son of one of Sparta’s most influential citizens who is sentenced to fight for his life as a gladiator in Rome’s Colosseum under charges that he helped five gladiators escape. Years later he manages to escape and return to Sparta where he discovers that his father was murdered -and it was passed off as suicide- and the woman he loves is about to marry the evil king who has seized the throne. He gathers together six other gladiators and returns to Sparta to save his girlfriend and put the rightful king on the throne.

I sette gladiatori


01. I SETTE GLADIATORI (Titoli) 5:58
02. I SETTE GLADIATORI (Attesa e azione) 1:16
03. I SETTE GLADIATORI (Sette eroi) 3:44
04. I SETTE GLADIATORI (Lotta e sentimento) 2:59
05. I SETTE GLADIATORI (Tema d'amore) 1:23
06. I SETTE GLADIATORI (Cavalcata) 2:06
07. I SETTE GLADIATORI (Ricordi del cuore) 3:18
08. I SETTE GLADIATORI (Danza) 2:48
09. I SETTE GLADIATORI (Cavalcata) 3:03
10. I SETTE GLADIATORI (Breve inseguimento) 0:49
11. I SETTE GLADIATORI (Marcia drammatica) 2:12
12. I SETTE GLADIATORI (Azione di gruppo) 3:59
13. I SETTE GLADIATORI (Impresa bellica) 3:09
14. I SETTE GLADIATORI (I gladiatori colpiscono ancora) 7:18


01. I SETTE GLADIATORI (Titoli alternativi) 1:50
02. I SETTE GLADIATORI (Ripensando a lei) 2:26
03. I SETTE GLADIATORI (Bucolico eroico) 3:28
04. I SETTE GLADIATORI (Combattimento) 2:36
05. I SETTE GLADIATORI (Serenità e angoscia) 3:33
06. I SETTE GLADIATORI (Bucolico eroico) 6:00
07. I SETTE GLADIATORI (Marcia di battaglia) 4:38
08. I SETTE GLADIATORI (Lotta senza paura) 4:20
09. I SETTE GLADIATORI (I sette in azione) 2:25
10. I SETTE GLADIATORI (Nell'arena) 2:44
11. I SETTE GLADIATORI (Scontro sanguinario) 3:58
12. I SETTE GLADIATORI (Ultima lotta) 1:51
13. I SETTE GLADIATORI (Finale) 2:23
14. I SETTE GLADIATORI (Recording session) 4:22

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